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Two physical therapy students (Ruben Bouwmeester and Max Teuwen) from Saxion Physical Therapy Program of Holland University had internship program at ‘Aisyiyah University of Yogyakarta. The program had been held for 3 months (August 10th – November 10th, 2017).

According to the coordinator of international relation, Indriani, M. Sc., the program was held to provide the image of physical therapy in Indonesia especially physical therapy in Hospitals, Primary Health Centers, communities, and individual physical therapy practices. Besides, these Holland students were given the chance to study Bahasa Indonesia as well as Indonesian culture.

In the end of the program they had to present their report of internship program to share their experience about several things that they had acquired during staying in Indonesia especially at ‘Aisyiyah University of Yogyakarta.

Ruben Bouwmeester and Max Teuwen stated that Indonesia has fascinatingly natural beauty and unique culture, so they were interested in visiting Indonesia especially Yogyakarta. In addition, they also learnt a lot of things related to physical therapy during the internship at ‘Aisyiyah University of Yogyakarta and practical work at PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul Hospital, Kasihan Primary Health Center, Sanden Primary Health Center, and Tridadi Sleman Sport Stadium.